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Constitution Requirements

All student organizations at Appalachian State University are required to have a constitution. Your constitution must be included in your New Student Organization Chartering Packet.  The following template is provided as a guide in creating a new constitution. If you have any questions, please contact Club Council at or stop by Club Hub in 219 Plemmons Student Union.

The following items are required to be in your constitution:

  1. Membership Requirements:  You must state that the majority of your membership (50%+1) must be ASU students, and only ASU students are allowed to be officers.
  2. Role of the Faculty or Staff Advisor
  3. Supremacy Clause:  You must state that you will abide by all University, State, and Federal laws and policies
  4. Non-Discrimination Clause:  The proposed organization must afford opportunities to members on the basis of personal merit and not race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin or ancestry. (Greek social fraternities and sororities are exempt from discrimination on the basis of sex by federal law.)
  5. Removal of Officers: Be sure to include detailed information for how you plan to elect and remove officers
  6. Finances:  If you are planning to open an off-campus bank account, you must have dual signatures on the club checks that identify which two officers are co-signers of checks

Need help writing your constitution? Check out the Constitutions Template to assist you.