How to Request Funds

  1. Complete the Club Funding Application on Engage.  *WILL OPEN IN AUGUST ONCE THE SCHOOL YEAR STARTS*

  2. Interview with the Finance Committee.  After you submit your request form, the Chair of Finance for Club Council will contact you to schedule an interview with the Finance Committee.  NOTE:  You MUST go before the committee for an interview BEFORE you begin spending your funds.  You should not spend money until you are approved to do so by the Finance Committee. 
  3. Once you are approved... After the Finance Committee has approved your request, you may begin spending your funds.
  4. After the event for which you requested funds occurs, you must drop off ALL original itemized receipts WITHIN ONE WEEK after the event to Club Hub located in 219 Plemmons Student Union.  Copies of receipts will not be accepted. 

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Your club funding request must be approved by the Finance Committee BEFORE you begin spending funds. We will NOT reimburse for events or travel if the expense has not been approved in advance.
  • If you are receiving any funding for travel, your organization must fill out the Student Travel Verification Form located on the Student Affairs website.
  • Your organization must have an off-campus bank account. Once funds have been allocated, the Chair of Finance will submit paperwork to the Controller's Office to request a check to be cut made payable to your organization.  Checks are not written to individual students - only student organizations.  Therefore, your organization must have an off-campus bank account to deposit the check.  Note:  Once the check has been cut from the University, it will be delivered to Club Hub (PSU 219).  It is the Club President's responsibility to stop by Club Hub to pick up the check.

Questions?  Contact Christina Smith, Club Council's President, at

Contact Us

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