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How to Request Funds

  1. If you're unsure about the funding applicaiton process then your club leader will need to email to schedule a 15min meeting with Club Council's Funding Committe. During that meeting they will cover funding categories and policies, in addition to providing a link to the funding application. 

  2. After that meeting and the club leaders submits the applicaiton on Engage, Club Council pulls the information from your application and presents it to Club Council to vote. They meet weekly on Wednesdays so you should hear back within a week of submitting the application! Club Council has the right to ask addtional questions to gather more information. Once they have all of the information they will vote to approve/deny the funding requested based on need, campus impact, and application. 
  3.  If you are approved...  they send your information to the Business Manager and Controller's Office. This process takes up to 40 days (longer if there are State Holidays in that timeframe) so please apply for funding ASAP and don't expect a quick turn around for a check to be in your hands. Once Club Council receives your club's check, they will email the club's President and Vice President to pick it up in Club Hub. Once it's picked up your then you may begin spending your funds. REMINDER: You are required to turn in all of your receipts to Club Council or Campus Activities so make sure to keep track of your expenses and receipts. Any money that you recieved and didn't spend HAS to be returned to Club Council (i.e. check, card, cash, coins, or money order) 
  4. Again, after the event for which you requested funds occurs, you must drop off ALL original itemized receipts (and/or left over money) in Club Hub located in (rm. 219 Plemmons Student Union) or Campus Activities (rm. 244 Plemmons Student Union).  

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Your club funding request must be approved by Club Council BEFORE you begin spending funds. We will NOT reimburse if your application has not been approved in advance. You may get reimbursed for items on your funding application and confirmed approval via email.
  • If you are receiving any funding for travel, your organization must fill out the Student Travel Verification Form located on the Student Affairs website.
  • Your organization must have an off-campus bank account. Once funds have been allocated, Club Council's Funding Committee will submit paperwork to the Controller's Office to request a check to be cut made payable to your organization.  Checks are not written to individual students - only student organizations.  Therefore, your organization must have an off-campus bank account to deposit the check.  Note:  Once the check has been cut from the University, it will be delivered to Club Hub (PSU 219).  It is the Club Representative's responsibility to pick up the check and double check the amount. 

Questions?  Contact Club Council at

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