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Funding Categories


On-Campus Educational Programming

Hosting an educational program on campus?  You can request up to $2,200 to support your event.  Requests may include speaker's fees, lodging expenses for speaker, etc. (NO FOOD/DRINKS)

The educational program must be available to the entire University. Receipts must be turned into the Club Council office (Rm. 219, PSU) after the program is over. Failure to do so will result in the club/organization becoming ineligible for allocations for the following academic year.

  • Amount: Up to $2,200 in an academic year. (If you're not applying for any additional allocations within the current academic year.)
  • Applied towards: A seminar, speaker, conference, workshop, informative lecture, which will give members and the campus community new insight.


Educational Travel

So your club or organization is taking a trip and you need money to cover expenses? Look no further! You can apply to receive funding for educational travel expenses that assist your organization in attending conferences, workshops, and seminars that benefit your organization as a whole. (NO FOOD/DRINKS)

It is important you submit your allocation request as soon as you plan your trip to make sure it is approved in time. Upon returning, receipts must be turned in to verify the money went towards travel expenses.

  • Amount: Up to $1,150 in an academic year
  • Applied towards: Educational travel expenses such as registration fees, transportation, or lodging for events such as educational conferences, tournaments, workshops and seminars. (NO FOOD/DRINK)


Operational Expenses

Need funding to support the operations of your organization?  You can apply to receive funding for operational expenses to support the mission and purpose of your organization.  (NO FOOD/DRINKS)

  • Amount: Up to $920 in an academic year
  • Applied towards: Operational expenses such as uniforms, professional printing and engraving, flyers, banners, tablecloths, and office supplies.

Email [email protected] to apply for funding!

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