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How to Create an EIN and Bank Account

How to Request an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS

Purpose: Registered student organizations at Appalachian State University are encouraged to open off-campus bank accounts to manage their funds. In order to do so, banks require that the group have an EIN to open the account. Follow the instructions below to complete an application form located on the IRS website. *IMPORTANT: PLEASE TRANSFER EIN DURING OFFICER TRANSITION. If you don't transfer the EIN to the next officer or current member then you might not have access to your bank account or funds in said accounts*

  1. Complete form SS-4 located on the IRS website:
  2. Page 1 Requires Designating Type of Entity
    • Choose Option: “View Additional Types”
  3. Select one of the following based on your club type:
    • “Community or Volunteer Group”
    • “Social or Savings Club“
    • "Sports Teams (Community)”
  4. Provide a mailing address
    • This needs to be a permanent address. Do not use a student address. We suggest using the organization’s ASU Box address, which is:
      Full name of the club (no acronyms or abbreviations)
      ASU Box 32200
      Boone, NC 28608
    • Or you may discuss it with the advisor and use their departmental address.
  5. Type of Business
    • Select “Other”
      • Select “Organization” and provide a description.
  6. Select to have your EIN either delivered electronically or through the mail


  • Some banks require an official document from the university stating that the student organization is officially registered and recognized by ASU. If this is the case, contact Jesse Vinson ( in the Campus Activities Office (828) 262-6252- Plemmons Student Union, room 244,  to receive a letter of university recognition that can be taken to the bank. 
  • Then you can go to the bank of your choice with your EIN and the letter from Appalachian along with two co-signers and they will allow you to open a bank account for your club.
  • Some banks charge for business account maintenance so do some research to find a bank that would best suit your organization. Be sure to ask about monthly fees and minimum balance requirements.
  • Don't forget to tranfer the EIN to a current student if the treasuerer/president/VP/ etc leaves. 

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