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What is Club Council?

Appalachian State University boasts over 300+ clubs and organizations created by, and for students. Facilitating that process is Club Council. Club Council is the advisory board for these clubs and organizations, composed of 8 undergraduate members and two graduate assistants serving as advisors. The priority of the council is to support clubs and organizations as they reach their full potential. 

The council is responsible for making recommendations on policies and programs for student organizations. It is responsible for reviewing funding requests and for petitions by students interested in forming new student organizations. The council also assists with club development workshops and opportunities to create stronger clubs and organizations on the campus of Appalachian State University.

Statement of Purpose from our Constitution:

The purpose of Club Council is to act as a conduit of information regarding policies and regulations affecting organizations between University Recognized Organizations and Appalachian State University by providing a representative voice of all student organization presidents, officers, and members. The Club Council acts as a resource to organizations through assisting in interpreting policy, providing support for organizational programs, and connecting organizations with ongoing training provided at Appalachian State University through a variety of mediums.

The Primary Objectives of Club Council are:

  • To make recommendations to the Appalachian State University administration on behalf of recognized student organizations regarding policies and procedures affecting organizations, as well as programs and services assisting organizations.
  • To encourage ongoing developmental opportunities for organizations through existing University offices, services, and resources, and to seek new opportunities.
  • To allocate funds to organizations in order to assist with educational, travel and service endeavors.
  • To review and make recommendations to Campus Activities to approve constitutions of organizations wishing to register as a recognized student organization.
  • To coordinate the disciplinary process and make recommendations to the university for clubs in violation of university guidelines.

Contact Us

Rm. 219, Plemmons Student Union
P.O. Box 32200
263 Locust Street
Boone, NC 28608