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Student Affairs COVID-19 Response.

Maintaining Club Recognition

Each fall semester all previously approved student clubs and organizations are required to register with the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. This registration is a declaration that the organization intends to be active during the coming academic year. The registration form is available at the Campus Activities website. 

Once a semester Club Council will sponsor an organization meeting. A representative from the organization (preferably the President) must attend these meetings to maintain recognition. These meetings will provide the organization with updated information regarding the Student Development Record, policies and procedures, Club Council programs and events, and other specific information related to the development of clubs and organizations.

This registration is required to provide the University with an up-to-date listing of active clubs and organizations, to adequately plan for meeting organizational needs and to determine clearly who is responsible for the groups’ operations and activities. In addition, clubs and organizations will be responsible for submitting a one-page summary of events and activities completed by the club during the year. This information will be made available through the Campus Activities and Club Council websites.

An organization will automatically be placed on inactive status if it fails to renew its registration within one month of the first day of classes in the fall semester. An organization which holds inactive status for a calendar year must resubmit appropriate documentation for recognition.

In the event that an organization does become inactive, for any period of time, the organization’s checking account is to be closed and all funds maintained in a regular passbook savings account by Campus Activities for a period up to five years. Upon recommendation of the Club Council and the granting of active status by the University to an organization, any funds held by the University will be returned to the organization along with interest at the rate applicable to a regular passbook savings account.