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Starting a Club

We are so pleased that you are interested in starting a new student organization at Appalachian State University. Involvement in student organizations is an important component of the Appalachian experience and will provide you and your members the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a meaningful way.  The chartering of new student organizations is overseen by Club Council with advisement from the Campus Activities office.

In order to request to be an officially registered student organization at Appalachian State University, you must email A representative from the Club Council's Chartering Committee will provdie a form to collect infomration about your perspective club and in the packet it will prompt you to have the follow.

The following items must be included with your packet:

  1. The mission and purpose of your club
  2. Charter Application (again, includs the name and purpose of your organization)
  3. Membership Roster (including the contact information of at least 10 members)
  4. Current AppState Faculty/Staff will to serve as club's adivsor 
  5. Student Organization Constitution (check out the New Student Organization Constitution Template to help you write this)

If you have any questions regarding the chartering process, please email Club Council at or stop by Club Hub located in 219 Plemmons Student Union.